Creating a simple make file

If you need to get a small C++ project up and running quickly there’s nothing easier than writing a quick Make file to get started with building your project. We will get a small project up and running with a makefile that can grow with your project. I will be using a small project that […]

SDL Project Setup

One of the biggest pains of getting a new C++ project setup is getting it to a point where you don’t have to think about how it’s being built and can just focus on the code. Languages like Rust, Python, and (unfortunately) JavaScript can have you up and running with just a few commands. This makes it easy for you to start creating small/medium-sized projects rather quickly.

Why it’s important to build your own engine

No, not everyone should build their own game engine. But we should all strive to have the skills to know how. The recent changes in Unity prices underscore the fact that large corporations often overlook the needs of smaller indie developers. It’s evident that the primary motivation behind these changes is money. It’s understandable that […]

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